Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I cum, I dribble out cum. Is it possible for me to shoot out bigger loads like I see on videos?
A: Absolutely! You need to produce more semen in order to see the massive cum shots you see in the movies. There are numerous ways of increasing your cum loads – like using supplements which increase semen volume and the size of your load. We highly recommend also doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscles which affect your orgasm contractions.

Q: Is it true that I can make my semen taste better?
A: Like with anything else regarding your health, you are what you eat. If you eat crap, you’ll feel like crap. With your semen, it’s no different. If you eat foods that are high in acidity, your semen will taste bitter, sometimes even foul. Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and eating red meats will make your semen taste more unpleasant. Supplements such as Volume Pills have be said to improve the taste of semen, as well as eating fruits such as pineapple, oranges, and strawberries.

Q: Is it possible that more semen can make me more fertile?
A: It’s possible. It depends upon the health of your sperm. Semen and sperm are two separate things. Semen is the liquid that carries sperm. Sperm are the cells that help you impregnate a woman. There are many other factors besides your quantity of semen that helps determine whether or not you become more fertile.

Q: Does shooting more semen help improve the intensity of your orgasm?
A: Absolutely! In order to unload more semen, you need to have a strong orgasm. When your prostate is filled to the brim with more semen, you’re going to experience much more intense feelings when ejaculating. It takes more work to squirt out the additional semen you have, therefore you’ll enjoy sex a lot more when you have more semen. The less semen you have, the less intense the feeling.

Q: Will a supplement help me shoot more ropes of cum when I orgasm?
A: Yes, a supplement like Volume Pills or Semenax can definitely help you shoot some of the 6 to 8-rope cum shots you’ve probably seen in adult movies. When you don’t produce a lot of semen, you end up dribbling or shooting out a couple little spurts, and that’s it. One of the best parts about producing a lot of cum is that it’s a BIG finish. There’s nothing more satisfying to a woman than seeing her hard work pay off with a nice, fat load all over her!

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